About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2015, the Jax & Bard brand was born from a desire to create timeless, iconic footwear for women. Each collection represents unique flavors from a lifetime of travel and adventure with tones of ancient influence and refined elegance. With designs inspired by the beautiful outdoors of Maine, and handcrafted by highly-skilled artisans of Brazil, Jax & Bard sandals offer a true sense of familiarity and home. In sourcing only the finest materials, woods, and leathers, our products exude comfort and confidence in every step. We sincerely thank you for being part of our ongoing story.


Above all, our objective at Jax & Bard is to serve the modern woman with efforless function and thoughtful design. We strive to hold ourselves to extaordinary standards in quaity and production. Our products are made to look good, feel great, and last long. It is imperative that we, as a company, never waiver from this mission, but instead listen and adapt to the evolution of our customer. Exploring your environment should be a joy. As long as there are places to go, Jax & Bard will get you there.


For us, footwear is a bold statement. Through personal expression, women can discover their most authentic self. Fashion plays a significant role in who we are and how we represent ourselves to the world. Every choice we make, from head to toe, demonstrates our style, sensibility, and soulful perspective. What you wear is an extension of your inner being; genuine, honest, natural. Celebrate your individuality. You are one of a kind - show it off in style.