About Us

Our VISION – Our Mission

At JAX & BARD the owners are women, with women in mind. We are a cause-driven business whose primary goal is to improve social objectives, serve the common good, and to achieve a social mission through the re-investment of profits. Our product concentrates on today’s busy women and we strive towards the highest standards in quality and production through thoughtful design and emphasis on comfort. Our products look good, feel great, and last long. SLOW FASHION is our goal, and it is imperative that we, as a company, never waiver from this concept, but instead listen and adapt to what our customers want.

The JAX & BARD footwear brand understands that women want shoes that can get them through their busy day without sacrificing style and comfort.



Our products are hand crafted shoes, and the raw materials are ethically sourced in Brazil, by local workers who make a respectful wage. The wood we use on our clogs is 100%, sustainably harvested by licensed professionals and made by artisans in time honored traditions.


Now comes the best part. At JAX & BARD we are dedicated to a high quality fashionable brand of shoe, while at the same time using a portion of the proceeds to help women literally walk themselves out of poverty. The proceeds provide healthy meals for children in the Maine area. That means that our goal is to provide a unique collection of shoes specifically designed to help women reach their business potential, and at the same time fund nutritious meals for children in need. We call this: BUY1HELP2 and the program is 100% sustained by the purchase of one pair of JAX & BARD shoes.



JAX & BARD sell shoes directly to customers from the JAX & BARD website. Every quarter, we will launch a new selling campaign and partner with carefully selected non-profit organizations who help support our mission. 

Our home page will look a lot like an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign, in that we will offer a particular shoe style at a discount, with a limited selling timeframe, featuring a video focusing on our mission, and our current partnerships.

We’ll launch each quarterly campaign with a social media story to introduce our non-profit partners, declare our mission and describe the shoes being offered in that particular event. This story will also be on the home page of our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. In the second month, our website and all social media accounts will contain an updated video and we’ll be ready to take pre-order sales for the next 60 days. Activities will continue on social media and will include an email marketing component. The email lists will be provided by the current non-profit partners, past customers and followers of JAX & BARD. Press releases will also be issued at the launch of each campaign quarter.



Once the minimum sales order of 300 pairs has been met, we would then have the funds to produce our “give-back” shoes for disadvantaged women and provide the funding for nutritious meals for children who are not fortunate enough to have three healthy meals a day. 

Our “give-back” collection for Uncommon Threads is produced in Asia by the same manufacturing sources that produce for several well-known US Brands. This source is socially responsible and meets all industry standards. 

The Locker Project will receive $3.00 from the sale of each JAX & BARD shoe per-ordered from our BUY1HELP2 campaign. These funds will be delivered once the campaign has ended. Again, we will also be detailing this success story through social media. We envision a short interview from the people at the Locker Project detailing how many meals are involved and how many children have been reached.



First, go out and buy a pair of JAX & BARD shoes and join our mailing list!

Second, if you belong to, or know of a non-profit whose values are in line with our core mission, we would like to hear about them. 

Help us spread the word. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers to shop on our website and share our mission.


OUR VISION – Tying the Vision to Action

Our solution

Over the past three years, we, at JAX & BARD have carefully and meticulously perfected our wooden clogs to ensure they are a perfect fit and provide the best comfort. We have the supply chain, the tooling and the expertise in place to start production.  It takes roughly 90 days for our factory to produce an order of 300 pairs of JAX & BARD shoes, which is typical in this kind of industry.  Our manufacturing partner also requires a minimum order quantity of 300 pairs for a production run, and this is what we will use as our baseline selling goal.

As part of this venture, we would like to partner with local programs such as the Uncommon Threads and The Locker Project as beneficiaries of our first kick-off selling campaign. These two programs are directly related to the problems JAX & BARD wish to solve. In addition, this type of partnership would require some marketing and public relations obligations on their part to help promote our cause


Jackie “JAX” Lindstedt

Brief Bio

Jackie Lindstedt has devoted more than twenty years to the fashion industry. Her core talent and true passion resides in the footwear industry.

Ms. Lindstedt graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, where she sharpened her talent in footwear, engineering, and manufacturing, with a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree in Industrial Design.

During her career path at Sebago Shoes, L.L. Bean and Acorn, Ms. Lindstedt became truly hooked on footwear design and manufacturing. She set her sights on owning her own business and, in 2009, she launched JAX & BARD.

In the early years, Ms. Lindstedt consulted, designed and developed footwear for name brand clients including Acorn, Anthropologie, Cabela's, Carhartt, Clarks, Dansko, Eddie Bauer, Footsmart, Garnet Hill , G.H. Bass, Kohl's, Lands' End, L.L. Bean, Payless, Sperry, Vermont Country Store, and Wal-Mart.

More recently, Ms. Lindstedt honed in on the growing interest for footwear from natural materials, refreshing design lines and key comfort, and JAX & BARD was born from these ideas.

JAX & BARD brand shoes seek to fulfill a niche within the footwear industry. JAX & BARD supply customers with a unique offering that tells a story of how your shoe is made, and why you will want more than one pair. For us at JAX & BARD, footwear is a bold statement. Through personal expression, women can discover their most authentic self. Fashion plays a significant role in who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. Every choice we make as women, from our heads to our toes, demonstrates our style, sensibility, and soulful perspective. What you wear is an extension of your inner being—genuine, honest, and natural. Celebrate your individuality. You are one of a kind – show it off in style.