An enormously grateful shout out to all of those who helped make my Kickstarter campaign a success!  We were able to smash our sales record and have now begun the process of producing your orders.  Please look for updates as we move through the shoemaking process and fulfillment timeline. 

Cheers to shoes!


Our Story

Look Good.  Feel Good.  Do Good.

Jackie (Jax) Lindstedt launched JAX & BARD® in 2014 – kicking off phase two of living her passion in fashion design with focus on her true love and talent – footwear.  With 20 years of design, connections and manufacturing experience with top fashion brands in her back pocket, she set her sights on launching a footwear story that would stand for more than just pretty shoes – more than function – and more than necessity. JAX & BARD® tells a story of who women are and represents a collection of things women love – a strong soul with enduring strength that lets us be our genuine, honest, natural and individual selves. Now, she surrounds herself with a team that shares her passion in making women feel good and look good by doing good.

At JAX & BARD®, we celebrate the individuality of today’s busy woman through “slow fashion”, focusing on pairing thoughtful, timeless designs with product sustainability:

Utilizing production resources and methods that mix old-world craftsmanship with new world style Selecting production partners who do not exploit workers or product Sourcing sustainable, long lasting, natural and recycled materials Limiting production and stock of product, avoiding excessive product waste Creating footwear intended to stand the test of time, resulting in multiple season use of footwear and minimizing need for replacement Using minimal packaging and encouraging thoughtful re-use of packing materials Supporting women’s needs through contributions to organizations focused on strengthening women.

When you look good, you feel good – and when you wear JAX & BARD®, you do good too.

You’ve met Jax - what's the Bard?

Bard, short for Barred, as in the Barred Owl

In 2014, when JAX & BARD® was created, a fascinating, beautiful, vocal and aggressive barred owl took up residence in the woods behind Jackie’s home. Night, and even day, as Jackie worked hard to bring together what she wanted her adventure to represent, she listened to this owl as it hunted, sunbathed, protected and fed its young. The presence of this stunning creature – whose symbolism is seen as a guide to reaching your higher self, listening to your inner voice while identifying a path – in a time of rebirth and creation for a new venture could not be lost, and it became a part of the forever story and mission for Jax & Bard®. 

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