Jax Cares

This is a bit of a personal endeavor for me and the future of Jax & Bard. For those that know me, I have been in the footwear industry most of my career. It is what I know and how I earn a living to help support my own family.

For years, there has been this voice inside me that has wanted to more for others. A nagging question repeating in my mind, "so what are you doing to help others?". I used to think that offering a well made, conscientious product to consumers would be enough.  Now, I know it is more much than that. We as individuals must rely on our own passions, skills and resources to help make our world a better place. It is up to us to help tow the line when others cannot. To help them get to a place where they might be able to return the gesture.

This idea is not new. You have seen this successfully executed in the marketplace right now. It is what makes people feel better, do better and live better. My goal for Jax & Bard is to help women who are in need to get their lives back. In the next few months you will be seeing Jax & Bard creating a small collection of footwear, that will be donated to organizations that aim to do this very thing. These will be high quality shoes that will help them get a job, walk to work and quite literally, "back on their feet".

This new collection will start by offering a basic low "kitten-style" heel. It will be beautifully made in Brazil with genuine leather for lasting use. It will also include an everyday slip-on (but with style) sneaker style that she no doubt will need in her life.

This program will work with the familiar "buy one, give one". Meaning, for every pair you purchase, Jax & Bard will donate a pair.

Please share your thoughts and comments via the CONTACT page here on this site. I will continue to refine this message and enterprise throughout this year and would love to hear your feedback.

Warm regards,