Our story


Clogs have a rich and fascinating history dating back to about the early 1300's. Traditionally, clogs are made out of wood and have been used worldwide as a protective, practical choice for centuries.  Modern clogs offer a more comfort-casual approach with a fashion perspective.  For more information on the evolution of clogs, click here.

JAX & BARD clogs offer a fresh take on the traditional clog.  Here are a few details that set our shoes apart from most styles sold today.

  • All of the wood used for our clogs is harvested from FSC lands (Forest Stewardship Council) in the USAhttps://us.fsc.org/en-us/certification
  • 100% Of the wood used is also made from the remnants of another process, therefore reducing waste and our carbon footprint
  • The material used in our fly-knit uppers is made from 60% Post-Consumer waste
  • Our knitted uppers are colored with inks that are OEKO-Tex tested and verified for textile printing
  • Our clogs are assembled by hand and shipped from our factory in Maine
  • Jax & Bard is 100% Woman owned and operated

At JAX & BARD, we feel our clog is today's modern comfort shoe. The benefits of a rigid wood base help reduce foot fatigue by keeping foot joints in more of a relaxed position. As such, toe joints are not over-flexed, which can reduce inflammation. 

Q & A

Q) Why are your shoes in European sizes?

A) This is a two-part answer. The first being traditional clogs are made and sold in Euro sizes. So, in keeping with tradition, we felt we needed to embrace this sizing model.  The second reason is Euro sizes are much simpler to manage from a SKU count perspective.  Thus maintaining sustainable inventories.


Q) Do you use latex adhesives in your products?

A) Yes, we do use a plant based latex adhesive in our efforts to offer 100% animal free options in our collection. However, if you have a latex allergy or simply do not want latex in your shoes, you can special order shoes made from an alternative adhesive.  Please inquire at info@jaxandbard.shoes for more information. 


Q) Why is your packaging so plain?

A) We feel it is what is in the box that is most important. To be honest, we want our packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible, while still protecting what is inside. This means that we will always try to use boxes which are currently available in the marketplace and not custom made. Taking a cue from Tim Gunn, "Make it work" is probably our mantra every day! Additionally, the 100% recycled Kraft materials used to make them are uncoated and easily recycled or composted.


All of our styles are hyper focused for a custom fit. This is achieved by incorporating stretch in key areas of the uppers to accommodate nearly any foot shape. We have removed cumbersome buckles and replaced with super soft elastic. JAX & BARD clogs are made to wear effortlessly all day long, so you can focus on what is important to you.


Humble beginnings

Our story begins in a small shop with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream our brand was born.

Quality first

We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability.

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